About Us

Core Values

Whira Consulting facilitates online businesses that are looking for the right strategies and solutions to manage their growth. Whether you need Process Design, VA services, or need to design Operational Strategy and Goals, we got you!

We solve operational problems through Design Thinking, ingrained in the core of our cultural values. Our step-by-step approach includes, gathering information, planning and strategizing to create and execute the plan through the latest tools and techniques.

By focusing on the reporting requirements, we aim to align operations with the overall business goals. Through this process, we help you build and automate systems and processes.

Our mission is to provide well-designed solutions and a unique skill set that would streamline your workflow. We are constantly evolving and our approach is to offer a solution-based solving with Design Thinking at its core, to help implement systems and processes that work best for you.

Aiming to build long-term partnerships with our customers by capturing your business problem holistically and help you achieve your goal, i.e., To Help YOU Grow.


Services We Offer

Whether you are in need of a strategic plan or want to hire a virtual assistant, a content creator, or a bookkeeper, Whira Consulting has your back!

We offer a large range of services from designing operational strategy, setting business goal & KPI, financial planning to Content Creation, Bookkeeping, VA Services, Project Management Services, Email Marketing & Automation, Social Media Marketing & Management, and more.

Whira Consulting offers a holistic approach to help you experience long-term growth.

Our vision is to help businesses scale while contributing to the global economy by connecting them with right professionals.

"Hira got the whole company organised and on top of things. She helped us figure out our budget, understand where our data is coming from, organise with third parties to validate our data and she goes above and beyond to make sure that the data is accurate. Can't recommend Hira enough, she's a great asset to any company she joins, wishing her the best of luck on her future endeavours."

Naguib Ihab – Founder of Upilio

"I hired Hira to help out with a few tasks in my business. She went beyond my expectations and really showed that she can take any business to the next step with her creativity and overall knowledge in loads of areas."

Nils N. – CEO of iShare AB

What We Do

Plan, Strategize, Design,  Create & Implement

We offer a wide range of services, ranging from Project Management, Operational Management, Business Planning, Social Media Management and Marketing, Financial Modeling, Running Virtual Summits, Systems integration and implementation, Accounting and Bookkeeping as well as Executive Assistant and VA services.

Our motto is to Solve a Problem through Design Thinking, delivering quality and expert services while maintaining an effective communication throughout the process. Book a free consultation if you are looking for an expert to help you find the right solutions!


Creating Systems and Automating Processes

We, at Whira Consulting, aim to Analyze and Solve Problems through Design Thinking while Designing and Implementing Systems and Processes to Optimize Your Growth.

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